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Why to use inbound marketing?

How to rank #1 on YouTube with your Video
How to rank #1 on YouTube with your video
December 5, 2017

The times of annoying mass marketing are long gone. Be honest – when was the last time you made a purchase from a commercial you saw on TV? Let me introduce you to the revolution that has happened in the advertisement world: inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing fits you best

It breaks down to this. You don’t want to be told what to buy. Instead, you discover the things that you want to buy yourself – through the internet. You educate yourself about the products and services you want to purchase. You consume online content on functionality, product attributes, quality et cetera that best fits you. You enjoy watching entertaining videos that are the solution to your problem. In every step of the way, content on Google and Youtube guide you to invest your monies.

This so-called Inbound marketing goal is to create large hooks on the internet. It is the perfect way to create company awareness, trust, and loyalty. It also naturally leads your audience through the awareness, consideration and decision phase every purchase decision is made of. Imagine you are the one distributing this highly persuasive content – think of the effect on your sales.

Types of marketing content

There are many types of contents from blog articles to e-books and podcasts with the most popular that is online video. Video’s popularity comes from the fact that our brain process information most effectively when engaging our strong visual and auditory sensors.

We at Go Animated generate these 24/7 online salesmen that go through the internet and deliver your message in an engaging and entertaining way. The best part is, they gain strength the more people watch them. Contact us for a free consultation to see what type of video fits you best.


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