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What is the perfect voice for my video?

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October 19, 2017
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December 5, 2017

The voice of the explainer video is the often most underrated elements of an online video. It is what makes your video stand out from the rest and plays a vital role in the amount of influence you have on your clients the decision making.

Why high quality is important

This is why it is advised to pay very close attention to this part of the video process – having a poorly recorded voice do the job will completely hijack your sales efforts as it undermines your professionalism and lowers the expectations and trust of your clients.

Only a high-quality voice-over from a professional using pro equipment will lay a solid foundation for your sales success.

Why you should be sounding like your clients

This question can be best answered through the psychological concept of matching and mirroring.

This concept is based on the principle that like-minded people attract each other. Let us proof this from your own experience. I bet you have sold someone something at some point. This might not even be something that you are aware of. Dating, for example, is a pure form of selling.

Not paying attention to the partner’s language pattern is (amongst others) why people often can’t seem to connect. Conversely, you might have noticed how much easier it is to sell if you are mirroring your partner’s intonation and how much more attention they pay to your words. If you are enthusiastic about the same subjects as your partner will certainly make you bond much more quickly.

This is because the language people use is the exact replica of their value systems. Having a mirroring voice-over artist (as well as the script and storyboard) that stands for the values of your is an extremely powerful persuasion tool.

Do genders play a role in a voice-over?

Yes, even if it sounds stereotypical, gender can play an important role. Research has shown that women are 85% more likely to buy from other females. A bit less so with males: here only 55% would rather buy from men than from women.

This is why you see DIY products and cars regularly advertised by men, while beauty products and women-targeted clothing brands are often given a female voice.

However, the most important factor is to be congruent with the characteristics of your product. A male voice stands for authority, and is perceived more neutral and factual. That is why 28% of men in the USA agree to rather buy cars from men than from women.

Women voices stand for trust and are generally more soothing. A good target market would be baby products and toys.


Accents can play an important part in your marketing video. If you are targeting to people in Texas you might want to use a talented voice artist using the patterns from this region. Again, we are targeting the value system of your core target audience.


Depending on the target audience and message the voice should sound accordingly. E.g. a funeral company would want to sound much more authoritative and serious than a jumping castle rental company.

Regardless of the purpose and audience demographic, we at Go Animated work with professional male and female voice-over artists with suitable voices in British English, American English and German. From decades of being in the industry, they will be able to deliver the exact type of voice needed.

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