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What animation style is best for me?

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December 4, 2017
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December 5, 2017

When it comes to animation videos, it works a little bit like getting dressed for different venues. You don’t want to show up in jeans for a wedding. Same goes for animation styles – each has their own use case.


Let’s look at whiteboard animation. Research has shown that people are able to memorise information far better by writing them down. Due to the mirror neurons in our brain, this works equally well if someone else writes for us. This style is therefore ideal to explain complex subjects in a memorable way. Tech and IT companies with complex subject matters can benefit strongly from them.They are also the most affordable solution for your business as they entail fewer production efforts for our team.


A character style animation is ideal to increase engagement with your audience by humanising your message. Your characters really come to life when you make use of one of the most effective methods of influence and persuasion: storytelling. We are hardwired to them. A good story consists out of a problem, a journey, and a solution. It is key to make the story relatable to your audience by telling them something they have experienced themselves. We can not help but to live through those stories as well. The style is best suited for business-to-consumer start-ups and small to medium businesses that are looking to create massive engagement.

Motion graphics

Now for our the third style: Motion graphics. Motion graphics are a highly effective way to convey information. They are great in showing charts and visualised numbers and can make your business look very elegant and professional. This is why this is the most favourable style for business to business companies. They are great to give your company a more serious look and are ideal for e.g. finance and insurance industries.

How about a mix?

We can also use the best of both worlds. That way you can both appeal to emotions and convey complex information. This can be a very effective method as people need to be persuaded both emotionally and logically. It works best if we first build an affecting storyline and then sell your audience on logical facts and information in motion graphics format.


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