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How to structure the perfect video script

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October 13, 2017
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December 4, 2017

A video script is the heart of every explainer video. Even if the visuals are too distracting and the voice over is not the best, if the script is not up to par, you might as well stop your video project. Pay very close attention the following structure. The following are the characteristics of a compelling video:

1. Find something that will cause your audience to listen in the first 10 seconds

This can be done by claiming something extraordinary. A good start is to ask a question: Do you have problems to sleep at night?
Questions are psychological triggers that immediately engages your audience as they are subconsciously bound to search for the answer. This leads to much greater engagement and interest in your video, and people do not drop off that easily.

2. Point out the problems your target audience has (try to dive deep and find the real, often hidden, pain points)

People are much more motivated by avoiding pain than they are by increasing pleasure. If you are good at finding your audience’s problems, you create a much higher sense of urgency for them to take action. Salespeople often miss this vital aspect of their pitch. By the way, make sure that you really found your audiences pain points. Normally those are hidden away and people do not like to talk about them immediately. It is up to you to dive deep into why they need your product. The better you describe their pain, the more urgency you create for them to act.

3. Offer a solution to their problem (this is where you pitch your product)

Now it is time to shine. If you came so far to make a video of your idea, you should know very well how to sell your product here.

4. You need to show social proof, that you are a trustworthy company

Social proof is another psychological trigger that needs to be satisfied. I once had a client who did not make any sales. All he did was to include a reference how his dad liked his product, and his sales went through the roof. It is not important to get references from the most renowned companies. Audiences just need to see that others already had success with it.

5. End with a clear call to action

It is noteworthy how many customers that keep complaining that their website was not working. The problem lies often in missing to integrate a clear and visible call to action on their web page. Please make sure you tell your audience what to do next.

The order in which the video script is built up is very important. It guides your audience through the right sequence of wanting more.

Make sure you keep your video under 2 minutes, to not lose any engagement. There are many more nuances to look for in your script which varies from industry to industry. Get in touch with us and we help you or take over the script completely for you. Next time I tell you about how to engage your audience even more through storytelling.


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