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How to rank #1 on YouTube with your video

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After having put in all the efforts to get your video of the ground, sometimes people are left with not many people watching the final product. There are a whole lot of tweaks that should not left out to make your YouTube channel shine. Here we present to you this guide to get to the top of YouTube with your video.

To get right into it, an essential part is that people actually watch your video. This is because increasing your total view time is the most important YouTube ranking factor.
Keyword in video description is going help, but it’s not going to catapult your video since everyone else is already doing it.

The top ranking factors:

Putting your exact keywords in the title

The times of keyword stuffing are long gone. However, it is crucial to mention the exact keyword that you want to rank for in the title. If you do not rank for a particular keyword, don’t try to change them significantly. This used to work, however, YouTube knows the content of your video. So if your video is about mattresses and you try ranking for beds, it is not going to work.

Optimising your click-through rate

There are three factors that increase your click-through rate as instructed by Google: the title of your video, the thumbnail, and the description snippet. All of them need to be very informative an accurate as to what the customer can expect. That is why it is advisable to have a very descriptive sentence at the top of your video description. Also, make sure that your thumbnail is clearly readable on mobile.

Getting the content right

Another important factor is to get the right content onto YouTube. It is less of a place to sell your products. People are on youtube to learn about a tremendous amount of subjects. This is why “how to” videos are gaining so much traction on the platform. Therefore an ideal video for your business would be how your product or service benefits your clients.

Creating a few long videos and maximise the total watch time

This is because YouTube wants to keep people on youtube for the longest possible time. One thing that can help is to simply post longer high-quality videos. However, one critical part to be aware of is that you have to keep your viewers’ attention -something that is not that easy. A persons’ attention span is now around 8.25 seconds. However, if you are able to hook someone in the first 15 seconds in the video, you will most likely have them watch the majority of your video.

External linking

Don’t try to lead people to YouTube on every of your video. YouTube wants people to stay on their platform. If you are constantly linking to an external site, youtube is likely to penalise and de-rank your video. Unless you are making a lot of money through your own site, you will be better off linking away from youtube on every fourth to fifth video.

Use Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is a free Google Chrome plugin that allows you to see more analytics to your videos and others. It tells you about watch time, the number of your other videos being suggested and much more. Our most loved function is that it suggests tags that others are using which sped up our video uploading process tremendously.

Upload frequency

The frequency with which you upload is an important ranking factor. As long as the quality of the video on all the above aspects is maintained, the rule of thumb is the video you post, the merrier. However, make sure that you can keep up your frequency. The key is to stay consistent


YouTube is an incredible tool to grow your business. However, it is key to understand the type of audience that visis YouTube and the underlying mechanics that YouTube is built on.


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