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Telling a brand story that relates

December 21, 2017
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Storytelling has become a buzzword as many people such as Butterfield (CEO of Slack) talk about it. Let’s dissect the reason behind this emerging topic.

Why should I tell a brand story?

Telling a brand story is a vital aspect to consider for your business.

If you think about it, the companies that you are doing business with are just people. We know that humans are in need of a connection to become loyal to one another. Once a bond is established, it is natural that this loyalty will ultimately lead to investments into you and what you stand for. A brand story is therefore important to create such bond.

People are hard-wired to engage with a good story. That’s why we love fiction novels, films, and audiobooks. Research has found that stories activate more parts of the brain – you may have experienced it yourself. We can’t help but live through them ourselves and become emotionally attached. That’s why focusing on your brand story is regarded as such a powerful tool. Storytelling has long become a buzzword and has been linked to the success of many successful entrepreneurs such as the CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield.

If there’s one piece of advice I could go back to give myself, it concentrates on that storytelling part, on the convincing people. If you can’t do that it doesn’t matter how good the product is, it doesn’t matter how good the idea was for the market, or what happens in the external factors, you don’t have the people believing.” Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack

Imagine you can make all of your stakeholders believe in you and your product. The secret behind the Apple and Tesla is their brand story. They have created a fellowship, some say it to be a cult, that expands not only to their clients but to their employees. Musk has gotten so far that he even convinced people to put $1000 down for a car that their clients did not even drive yet.

He inspires us to imagine a world with quiet clean cars, without the parking nightmare, and a world with fewer car accidents. When doing so, he uses plain language that connects easily with a wide audience.

How do I create my brand story?

Align with your audience

While there are many strategies for writing your brand story, one thing is certain: people on the internet do not have time to listen to any brand story. In order to convert it needs to align with the pains and goals of your target audience.

Use a powerful story framework

People want to be taken on a journey that inspires them before they make a buying decision. They want to imagine how it must feel being freed from their pains. Just blasting out the facts about your product can be a tempting solution. However, in most cases, this is not what will make a person act. Instead, try this proven framework.

  1. Start with a hook. With people’s attention span at the lowest it has ever been, creating a hook is more important than ever. A hook is a gripping start that really grabs that attention. It can be something tantalising like the slogan of Ashley Maddison “Life is short – start an affair” No matter what you do, speak to your audience directly. You could narrate in the first person plural to include them in your story and speak of a common goal such as in our own explainer video “We all want a successful company”.
  2. State a problem that your audience has. Tell them how you as a company finally put an end to this problem.
  3. Bring in the solution: Now you can bring in facts and talk about your company’s product or service. However, focus on how this will benefit them. Many companies make the mistake to talk too much about themselves. Clients would much rather know how these things will benefit them.

Focus on the greater good to inspire

People are not easily inspired by trivial goals like increases in turnover. As Simon Simek says, the bigger your why the more successful your company will be. Dream big and be bold to tell people about them. It is vital to think about the greater good for the society. However, it should still come naturally to you.

Leave them wanting more

You don’t want to share all of your specialties right away. Keep them excited by leaving free e-books or consultations. Try to create tension and buzz around your name.

Be authentic

People just hate being lied to. Giving yourself as you are will always be the more sustainable route to take. Also, think about the energy wasted on keeping up a fake persona.

Wrapping it up

Storytelling is a powerful tool in today’s marketing world. Often the most successful business people are also the best storyteller. Musk and Butterfield have demonstrated this in a profound way.

Tip: the most effective way of telling a brand story is a video as it has the power to explain complex subjects in seconds. Get pricing for your custom made explainer video today.


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