Who we are

Hi, I am Kevin. After years of helping companies to get noticed online, I came to the conclusion that there is a huge potential for online marketing videos. When experimenting with different types of explainer videos, I was astonished how people's level of interaction with my content went through the roof - not to mention their urge to buy: It seems that people are trusting information more once it's in video format with crisp sound and engaging visuals.

I realised that many of today's challenges in marketing can be solved by using high-quality videos. That’s why I started Go Animated. With a team of video specialists, it is our passion to produce premium quality explainer videos that communicate your business products and services effectively.

Our mission

Our mission is to explain your message in a clear and engaging way to ultimately increase your revenue.

Our values

We are digital creators that believe in what we do. We find fulfilled by satisfied customers valuing our work and recommending us.

What makes us different

We are obsessed with every part of the video production. While most creative agencies solely focus on visuals, we go three levels deeper: psychology, converting copywriting skills and really understanding your company and your customers is what makes us stand out.

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